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21st January 2008, 06:35 PM
The reason for this thread is that in the past when backing up to an external drive I gave myself some problems even though I was using a good product to do this.

I started using Casper for backing up my hard drive to the external one when the old computer had Windows XP (software used then was CasperXP).

The replacement computer purchased a few months ago which I now use has Windows Vista (software for this Casper 4.0). Today I upgraded a program which was very large.
Normally I would format the external drive when I do this so the new software is included in the new back up(in the past stupidly lost some items not now on the main hard disc).

In conversation with a Casper technician today (email) I was more than pleased to learn the following:
'When you use Casper to re-clone your system drive to the external drive, the
existing contents of the external drive will be replaced -- i.e., it will
end up with V11'.

Job done and my new back-up took minutes.

This program could I feel benefit others. http://www.fssdev.com/products/casper/

Regards. Barr1e