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20th January 2008, 11:17 AM
I have an E400 which I like using on a low key gradation and vivid and then converting to monochrome...if shooting jpegs there is no problem - you get what you are given - but if shooting Raw I get confused because different Raw developers develop the image differently...is it just a case of choose the developer that suits your style?


This image, moving from top left clock wise and then to the centre shows the un altered output from
Photophop ACR 3.6
Olympus file import plug in for Photoshop
DCraw VNG interpolation
DCraw AHD interpolation
Olympus Master 1.4

Then blown up to 1600%

Then the red channel to get a handle on the sky noise if converted to monochrome

So any thoughts or pointers folks?

20th January 2008, 11:32 AM
It seems that the Oly software solutions offer the best sharpness/edge accentuation.

However, I think in terms of RAW developers the most important thing is the ability to get the output look the way you want it.
Oly Master is just a very badly designed user interface, so you wouldn't probably get the best output because it's such a hassle to use it!

If you are not producing prints larger than A3/A2 I would have thought that "Pixel peeping" at scales larger than 100% would not give you any benefit, really...

I personally use lightroom because it takes the work out of the raw process. It's just a joy to use. I can't be bothered with Studio to be honest.
LR also gives you very good control over the BW conversion.

I have printed my 5mpix E-1 files up to A3+ and the look absolutely fabulous!

This is of course just my personal opinion.

Best Regards