View Full Version : Lightroom on Mac - make sure you select 64bit mode

2nd September 2009, 09:31 PM
Hi All

Spotted this tip elsewhere and thought I should share with folk here.

If you run LR on a Mac, and you have upgraded to Snow Leopard, it might be set as default to run in 32 bit mode. Snow Leopard is a 64 bit OS and so you can force LR to run in 64 bit mode - far more efficient.

To check this, simply right click on the LR application icon (usually held in the Applications folder) and select Get Info. If LR is set to run in 32 bit mode you will see a check box with 'Open in 64 bit mode' - you need to check this. If LR is already set to run in 64 bit mode, then you need do nothing. I adjusted mine and this is what I see now.


... meaning LR is now running in 64 bit mode on my Macbook.

Hope this helps.