View Full Version : Problem Registering E-420

R MacE
10th July 2009, 04:06 PM
Just bought an E-420 c/w 14-42, needed something lighter than E-3 for backpacking and although I tried a compact (Panasonic FX-150) I wasn't happy with the IQ or lack of DR. Would have liked a G-1 but lack of funds meant I went for the E-420............

anyway, tried to register online, the lens went on fine but it won't accept the serial number of the body (serial number on body and registration /guarantee card match) I phoned customer support and they got back to me but couldn't sort me out, they suggested e-mailing olympus-europa.com which I've done.

Has anyone else had a problem registering a product? I haven't had a problem before with 2 bodies, 5 lenses and a flashgun.