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25th June 2009, 09:31 PM
I have posted this on fourthirds-user.com, but it's also relevant here:

As we already know Panasonic G-series Micro Four Thirds cameras don't permit the use of a Four Thirds teleconverter or extension tube with a Four Thirds lens via the DMW-MA1 Four Thirds mount adapter. And Panasonic has no autofocus solution for SWD, older Zuiko Digital, and Sigma Four Thirds lenses when used via the DMW-MA1 mount adapter.

The good news for prospective Olympus Pen E-P1 users is that you CAN use a converter or an extension tube with a Four Thirds mount adapter, and it will even autofocus* all the lenses that Panasonic G-series cameras won't.

I tested this tonight at the UK public launch event in London, using various combinations of Four Thirds lenses, DMW-MA1 and (Olympus) MMF1 Four Thirds mount adapters, E-P1 and G1 bodies.

And the DMW-MA1 and MMF1 adapters look like they came off the same production line too, except the Panasonic one is grey and the Olympus one is silver.

*In Hybrid Live View AF mode, perfect auto focus lock isn't guaranteed, especially with fast lenses and wide apertures, so it's recommended you do a manual focus check, which magnifies the live view for critical focus, before shooting.

I now have an MMF1 adapter and will be experimenting with various lenses on the G1 and my full production review E-P1 when it arrives early next week.