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21st June 2009, 09:21 PM
Adobe are running a poll for what to fix for those annoying "features" in Photoshop.

The last question is a free format box so it is worth responding and adding a note requesting that Adobe add support for Olympus Camera presets to Adobe Camera Raw (and Lightroom develop module too).

Maybe if enough people add such a comment Adobe will add presets such as vivid, natural, muted, protrait, etc for all Olympus cameras.

The feedback details are available here:


Just follow the link to 30 or so candidate ideas for you to rate and the last item allows you to enter your own.

21st June 2009, 09:33 PM
why would you want them?

if you want exactly that as final output then use the camera jpeg

the other issue is the significantly wider variables provided by sharp/sat/cont camera settings that are cumulative with the underlying modes.

finally they aren't consistent across E bodies either.

if you simply want a particual look then set it up in the DNG editor they have created as your own recipe and use that as an ACR preset and underlying Bridge view.

even easier just use the ACR settings to create ad hoc presets.

whilst I will admit to having presets for the look of a number of films, both colour and B&W, they really don't have a place for anything but a bit of playing around.