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31st May 2009, 02:34 PM
A Turkish friend has told me that the best size alround lense to use is a 18.200.I can only find these by sigma ? can these be used on a e410 ?
Also he said that a tamron manufactured one may fit but on looking i dont think they will be compatable.
Any advice would be welcome for someone who is trying to get used to using a DSLR

31st May 2009, 03:21 PM
Actualy: Oly has a 18-180mm...............

But I think you will be worse-off than with the kit-combo 14-42 + 40-150mm.
Extreme zooms are always a compromise between image quality and range.

I would not go that route, but that is me.


31st May 2009, 03:28 PM
That sort of range is reasonable on a Canon/Nikon (which is about 28mm to 300mm equivalent on a 35mm film camera, the 'crop factor' is 1.5x or 1.6x). I wouldn't get a zoom that covers the whole range, the quality is not that great on such a large zoom range. If you get the Olympus with its two kit lenses (14-42 and 40-150), this is equivalent to 28mm to 300mm on a 35mm film camera. The kit lenses are very sharp, probably the best of any manufacturer's kit lenses. Start with these and don't buy anything else until you feel confident with those! IMHO, avoid the Sigma lenses (unless you can try the exact lens you are going to buy first) - they can vary in quality significantly from lens to lens. Tamron don't make lenses for fourthirds (i.e. Olympus DSLRs). They are only made be Olympus (Zuiko), Sigma, Panasonic/Leica - although some manual focus lenses may be used successfully with an appropriate adapter. Olympus's 18-180 is only 36mm equivalent at the wide end (not very wide) and is considered by many people as the worst lens in the Olympus lineup (poor sharpness in comparison with their other lenses, which are stupendous)


31st May 2009, 03:30 PM
Also remember that your friend may not be talking about the 4/3 crop factor. If your friend was talking about a full-frame camera, then 18-200 in Olympus 4/3 terms would be 36-400 due to the 2x crop factor. If your friend was talking about the APS C (very common in DSLRs) crop factor you'd be talking in Oly terms somewhere around 27-300 mm as the crop factor is 1.5 or 1.6 typically. The 18-200s I've seen are big, big, heavy, heavy lenses. I heartily second the idea you're best off with the kit lenses. The 14-42 in particular is an excellent lens in terms of image quality, while the 40-150 will be equal to or better than any 18-200 equivalent you can buy. And the kit lenses are small enough to stash in a jacket pocket, so you don't even need acamera bag.


31st May 2009, 03:31 PM
thanks think i will stick with my 2 lenses perhaps i need a lot more knowledge than i have