View Full Version : Anyone Had This Problem? E-3

26th May 2009, 12:48 PM
This morning I went on a shoot with another photographer who was using an old Nikon D50, he asked me if I would let him have a play with my E-3 as he was thinking of getting a new camera & I have told him in the past that the E-3 was well worth getting! so of course I agreed & got my camera out & switched it on Fired a shot & went to show him it on the LCD screen only to find the Menu screen was stuck on the camera.I pressed the Menu button several times to try & return to the Info screen, but it was having none of it! So I switched the camera off & on afew times but it was still stuck on the Menu screen! I decided to take the batteries out & back in & it was STILL STUCK! so I Reset the camera to factory settings & it finally worked! (needless to say the Nikon user was by this time in fits of laughter*yes & I looked like a complete idiot):mad:The camera seems to be working OK now, but I am concerned this could happen again! Has anyone any ideas please:confused:

26th May 2009, 07:17 PM
This sounds very similar to when I was walking along with it switch on and must have been pushing buttons inadvertantly, with it bouncing off my coat, to the point where the camera had not got a clue what to do and locked up. Re-Set cured it as well.

27th May 2009, 06:00 PM
Yes I have had the same problem on the e-30, buttons must have been pressed agaist my coat when the camera was around my neck, there may well be a screen lock option somewhere, but I couldnt find it so re-set it was and havent had it happen again.