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6th May 2009, 11:46 AM

Started having trouble on AF with my 510.
Thought at 1st it was only on my recently purchased Sigma 135-400 but last night it was doing the same on the kit lenses as well.
Had a go this morning and still happening....BUT seemed O.K. on the Sigma 105 macro.
The trouble is when I turn on I have a few goes and it seems O.K. then all of a sudden when trying to re-focus it just slowly pulses BACK to the start point (shortest point)
If I turn off and on again the focus moves out to infinity (on 135-400)and I seem to have a few "free goes" B4 it does it all over again.
As I say it also does it on the kit ones as well.

I know I have NOT explained it well but any ideas........I THINK it is o.k. on my E500 but need more testing to determine it.

Keith *chr

6th May 2009, 12:15 PM
I had a somewhat similar problem with my 510 and the 12-60 which annoyed me for several weeks. It was completely cured by wiping the contact points on the lens and camera - all of which made me feel rather foolish in that I had not spotted it before.

I can not say that this will work but it is free (and harmless) so should be worth a try


6th May 2009, 07:29 PM
if it's the contact pins it's often accompanied by a loss of the aperture indication in exif and viewfinder as well

generally the 510 is one of the least likely bodies to have 'an AF issue' from both practical experience and anecdotal evidence.

other areas to check out / service are possible dust or foreign bodies around the AF sensor (bottom of the mirror box) and the lens contacts themselves plus battery condition.

6th May 2009, 09:10 PM
Thanks guys...........just got in from work so will have a look in morning.
I have read on some other peoples queries about the contacts and did "give them a rub",but it was only half hearted,but will go to town on them.

I DO remember seeing the aperture settings missing on some occasions in the viewfinder AND certantly I had this a long time ago on my E 500 so you might be onto something.
I will have to try things with full and almost empty batteries as well.
Thanks again,
Keith *chr