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28th March 2009, 02:14 PM
I realise this is not strictly an E series issue but I'm hoping someone may know the answer. I have just bought an Olympus PT-010 underwater housing for a C3040 camera on eBay. It requires a silicon grease for the O ring and I wonder if anyone knows the commercial equivalent of the right grease. Ordinarily I would buy it from a dealer but don't have time as we're off on Tuesday night.

28th March 2009, 03:05 PM
I used to have a PT-010 and the rear door seal is a compression fit on this housing (not a piston seal), so, strictly speaking, you do not need any silicone grease. Grease is only needed on seals that have to slide against against the housing surfaces, your seal is only compressed between the rear door and the housing body. Just make sure that there are no nicks or surface damage to the O ring and make sure it is spotlessly clean and you will be OK. When storing O rings they will benefit from a thin coating of grease; remove them from the housing, grease them and store them flat in a polythene bag out of sunlight.

FYI the correct grease for UW housing O rings is Molykote 111 compound which is available from Cameras Underwater (http://www.camerasunderwater.co.uk/). It is important that you use the correct type of grease as using the wrong stuff may damage the ring and the housing.