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Jim Ford
11th September 2018, 04:57 PM
I bought a Moto G in 2014. It's the '1st Generation' 2013 model.

After about a year I upgraded to a phone that had 4G and GPS (the Moto G doesn't), and stood the Moto G down.

Since then I've flashed various ROMs on the phone to see what enhancements they bring. I've tried CyanogenMod, Lineage (which took over from Cyanogen) and Xenon. The I'm now using is AospExtended, the latest release giving 'Oreo' enhancements. So although it's a 5 year old phone, it's running one of the latest OS.

I would say that it's transformed the phone. It's got lots of nice features, but not at the cost of speed or reliability, though it still hasn't got 4G or GPS (hardware features). I'm now considering using it as my main phone.

It anyone has a spare outdated Android phone and wishes to tinker, I thoroughly recommend giving AospExtended a try:


The link is for the Moto G 2013, but you'll see that the ROM is available for many other phones.


12th September 2018, 01:53 PM
Nice idea but I'm still on my first android phone (also bought in 2014).

Jim Ford
12th September 2018, 03:08 PM
Nice idea but I'm still on my first android phone (also bought in 2014).

But you can update it to a later spec (Oreo), if there's a ROM for it.


14th September 2018, 06:22 AM
Have from time to time looked at all those ROM flashes. but never tried any.

With the current phones have more than 3Gb operating Rams and over 32Gb Roms, will those 1Gb Ram and 16Gb Rom suffer lagging and slow everything?

I have an 8" Android Pad, Will It have any usability if I flash to say Oreo?