View Full Version : Some weekend discussion - uberkameras

7th September 2018, 09:52 PM
I spotted this linked from another forum. It's well worth a read:


In this last few weeks we've had announcements of several uberkameras and I'm happy to say that they're leaving me a little cold. Maybe I've reached my own uberkamera moment.

7th September 2018, 10:45 PM
I find it quite incredible that there are such high spec cameras being used to make images that will only ever be seen on social media and at best 4K TV.

We keep hearing about “pros” shooting weddings needing these superb kits when most wedding photos end up as coffee table books and a few 10x8s.

Sports photographers will at best see their pictures at newspaper size and print quality. So it’s really only the fashion, food, studio model shoots and wildlife photographers that need half decent kit...

But then all those precious pixels get manipulated to such an extent that with a bit of AI any old smartphone image will do as well. :eek: