View Full Version : Ill-Conceived Food products

Harold Gough
27th May 2018, 09:54 AM
Yesterday I decided to cook some "Whole Cornish Sardines" form Aldi.

The product details on the pack said that they had a protective glaze of ice. That ice looked rather thick and uneven to me. Anyway, I put them in the oven to cook.

My wife doesn't like her dinner looking at her so I offered to removed the heads and gut the fish. This was only practical when they had been cooked.

What I though was ice was a mass of scales and most of them were still firmly attached to the skin. Descaling fish is a difficult process when they are fresh, the scales often adhering quite firmly. When the fish had been cooked, this grip was stronger than the elasticity of the skin, such that all the skin of the "whole" fish had to be discarded.

I have passed on my experience to Aldi.