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31st December 2007, 07:47 PM
Whilst in France over Christmas I bought a couple of French mags which had reviews of the E3.

Chasseur d'Images (roughly Image Hunter) gave it four pages and overall liked it very much. They tested with the 12-60 and 35-100 lenses (must have a deep pocket there). They also gave ten pages to the whole 4/3rds system. This covered current and superseded bodies by all three manufacturers, lenses, flash, watertight cases and other accesories.

Interestingly Chasseur d'Images was very critical of Canon and their response to alleged problems with AF in the 1D MkIII. They speculate that Canon's withdrawal of adverts in the magazine might have been a form of punishment. If so it is a remarkably childish reaction from a major camera maker.

Photo Reponses (roughly Photo Answers) took a much softer line with Canon and carried Canon adverts! They gave the E3 eight pages and an 85% rating. They criticised the eyepiece as being fragile and irritating! Other negatives included white balance under artificial light, lack of flash coverage at 12mm and what I think translates as under exposure outdoors.

Both magazines were critical of the price. Overall I rate the coverage as being fair comment. Much of what the mags see as good or bad mirrors what has appeared on this site.

If anyone is looking for a seasonal photography job they could do worse than read Chasseur d'Images. It had a full page of small ads, many for photographers to work in ski resorts and often requiring good English. We had good snow so .....

R MacE
31st December 2007, 09:06 PM
I read about Canons response myself. Surely they must know that behaviour such as that is counter productive, it basically means that any review of a Canon is going to be seen as suspect.