View Full Version : HELP! VF-2 electronic viewfinder and EP-9 eye cup

8th March 2018, 01:20 PM
I notice that all the threads on this part of the forum are very old but I hope that somebody will notice my query.

I have been using the VF-2 electronic viewfinder on my camera for a while now and have just bought a EP-9 eye cup for it. The problem is that I cannot get it to fit onto the VF-2. I've taken of the protective rubber ring from the VF-2. That is soft and pliable but the EP-9 is quite stiff. Any tips for getting it to fit? Thanks for any advice.

8th March 2018, 02:35 PM
Just to say that I have managed to fit the EP-9 eye cup on my VF-2 electronic viewfinder. I guess that the eye cup, which I only got today, was still very cold from it's time in the post and has warmed up now.

I also must apologise for posting my query in the wrong part of the forum. I see that there is a section for accessories.


Phill D
8th March 2018, 04:55 PM
Glad you sorted if Rachel. It was a pretty specific question so i thought it might take a while for someone who knew the answer to pipe up. Don't worry about where you posted this we're not that fussy.