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29th January 2018, 12:43 PM
The widest lens I have at the moment is the 17mm 1.8. At the weekend I found myself with this being just wide enough to fit in a composition in lanscape orientation. But I would have prefered the shot in portrait, so no where near wide enough for that.... Am i right in thinking around 12mm would give me the same 'width' in portrait as a 17mm gives in lanscape?

The location doesnt give any room for moving further away, but I guess stictching two shots would have been an option, but isnt something I've gotten into yet.


29th January 2018, 01:13 PM
The AOV of a 12mm lens is about 72 x 57 (horzontal/vertical) whilst the 17mm gives about 54 x 42. So, if you turn 12mm into portrait orientation it'll give you more AOV left/right than the the 17mm in landscape - 57 vs 42.

OTOH - I personally like W I D E and wouldn't consider 12mm to be particularly wide. Look to one of the 7-14 lenses for that (I'll be selling my Panasonic if you're interested :)).

29th January 2018, 01:22 PM
Thanks Paul, I had a vague notion of a used 12-40 pro when funds allow, but that would render the 17mm pointless and I’m really getting to like that little gem! So a wider zoom would be a good call.

Does the pana 7-14 take filters?