View Full Version : ZD lens hire

27th February 2009, 10:19 PM
I heard from the Oly boys at Focus on Tuesday that Oly UK is comtemplating launching a hire service for the high end digital Zuikos, possibly in association with selected stoes and the Olympus UK Photo Safari Group.
Made my day to hear this. Fingers crossed that it will happen! Why should the US and Canada get all the fun, eh?

27th February 2009, 10:50 PM
Now that's interesting news.

Oly must have a bit of stock of these - they can't sell in great numbers, so they can make something out of that stock, and we get to use some quality glass.

Do a bit of birding/wildlife myself, so access to a 300mm f2.8 or the 90-250mm would be very handy.