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24th February 2009, 07:14 AM
The E-620 has been announced, it looks very interesting, combining a small body size with IS and a tilt LCD screen. The small body size dictates the use of the smaller BLS-1 battery. It has the ability for in camera double exposures and to quote the blurb :

"The new camera’s high-performance 12.3-megapixel Live MOS image sensor delivers excellent dynamic range, accurate color fidelity, and a state-of-the-art amplifier circuit to reduce noise and capture fine image details in both highlight and shadow areas."

Full details and pictures can be found on the dpreview site;


It will be very interesting to read what all of you wonderful forum members think of it.

Apologies to everyone for being so quiet over the last few months


Chris *chr

24th February 2009, 08:15 AM
Chris, we're off to Focus on Imaging, to meet with Olympus and have a special Safari Group members' hands on session with the E-620... I think this is going to be the most popular DSLR in Olympus' history...

This is the HOMERUN camera we've all been waiting for! *chr

We'll be bringing a Special Hands-on Safari Group report (http://www.ukphotosafari.org/ukpsg-reports/) this evening.

Kind Regards