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30th December 2007, 06:21 PM
An old lag was being released from jail, they gave him his clothes, his suit and a brand new pair of plimsolls.
The old boy had been deprived of pleasures of the flesh for a long time so decided to visit a lady of the night.
He knocked the door..knock knock..."what do you want?" she said. "I would like to have sex" he said... "25 pounds" she answered.
well the old chap was devastated as he had no money.
"I have no money, but I have a brand new pair of plimsolls" he said.
Well, the hooker was a bit of an ugly old bag and hadn't had a client for over 2 weeks so she pondered for a while and said "Alright, I will do it but only in the missionary position and I won't be doing any moving around, you will have to do all the work"
GREAT! the old boy thought and at that he got mounted and the fun began.
After about 2 mins he noticed a leg come up. WOW! He thought I am getting a response. Then the other leg came up and she started wriggling around, so much so it brought the act to a conclusion.
The old chap rolled off in an exhausted state feeling very pleased with himself.
"I thought you wern't going to move or put any effort into it?" he asked.
"I didn't she said" (scroll down)

"I was just trying on the plimsolls".

(A little naughty for me - but as the year has almost past:D)

flying haggis
31st December 2007, 10:30 AM
nice one:D

i am not going to try and beat that today

happy new year to one all from grey North Norfolk