View Full Version : Staying on - sensitive shutter?

8th November 2017, 07:36 AM
When out and about I sometimes forget to turn the camera off before dropping it into a camera bag. This has never been a problem with any of my e-series cameras but I have noted a problem with the OMD.

I've noted a couple of times now that if I don't actually turn the camera off and then drop it into a camera bag it has stayed on and is clearly using battery as the camera has got quite warm.

I have the usual sleep mode turned on so am wondering if the shutter button is being 1/2 pressed (or in the last case fully pressed as I had about 500 black shots to delete)

I'm wondering if this is because the shutter button is so much easier to press on the OMD than something like my E-30 or whether something more generic like the screen being touched by the fabric.

Has anyone else noted similar or are you all better at remembering to turn the camera off every time you use it?


Ross the fiddler
8th November 2017, 11:35 AM
It's quite possible that the shutter button is being pressed which would keep the camera alive (awake) & using up you battery, so maybe the bag is not a good fit perhaps.