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30th December 2007, 12:56 AM
The very first EGC: e-group challenge

Theme: "Out with the old, and in with the new"....
Closing Date: 20:00 GMT on Sunday 13th January
Prize: fame, recognition, and the unique accolade of being the winner of the very 1st EGC :)

The (initial) Rules:

Please feel free to submit a picture that matches the nominated theme (in this case - 'Out with the old, and in with the new´ that must have been taken recently i.e. between 24th December 2007 through 13th January 2008.
You must be the photographer that created the picture in order to enter the challenge and all entries must be visibly anonymous and should be sent to me at themusicman@gmail.com. Please clearly indicate (a) your real name and (b) your e-group forum name in the email. Any entries with watermarks or that are not clearly identifiable won't be entered into the challenge. (this makes it easier for me to organise)
Entries to the challenge should;
contain no watermarks, distinguishing effects or borders
must be jpg format and 800 px on the longest edge
must have been taken on an Olympus E-Series camera
have all EXIF data maintained.
You need to be registered on e-group.uk.net forums to qualify for entry into the challenge.
Only one entry permitted per challenge please. If you want to withdraw an entry or replace it with another, that's OK, but you must make it clear in an email to me before the closing date, and also ensure the email contains clear instructions and (if required) your replacement picture.On the evening of the closing date, I will place all the submitted images into a thread(s) on here and should you wish to vote, please send me your top 3 selection via PM or email. Voting will be open for 1 week only and the results of the 1st EGC will be announced on the evening of Sunday 20th January 2008.

If you are having trouble submitting an entry into the challenge, either post a message here, send me a PM, or send me an email and I will gladly assist.

Good luck everyone... now get out there and get clicking and send me your images... :)

art frames
10th January 2008, 05:32 PM

I have emailed my entry and look forward to the holiday in the West Indies.

I must say that is a great prize. I bet you'll have lots of entries! :D


13th January 2008, 04:52 PM
Come on folks... just a few hours left to get your entries in to the very first E-group Challenge. I will be posting the images submitted up on here later this evening for you all to see and vote.

So come on... have a think and submit that last minute entry. :)