View Full Version : Suggestion for Olympus - Control Focus Limit with AF Ring

1st September 2017, 08:28 AM
One of the really useful features of the E-M1 MkII is the focus limiter. The minimum or maximum value can be set so that the focus ignores subjects that are too close or too far away. This is a very significant advantage when photographing small subjects such as birds with a busy background or foreground.

However, setting the focus limiter for any particular situation is rather slow. It is great that the activation of the focus limiter can be put on a function button and also good that the focus limit set can be selected by turning the rear dial. However, changing the values of the currently selected limit set requires diving into the menus.

I suugest that it would be very useful if the manual focus ring (when in the AF position) could be used to alter either the minimum or maximum focus limit values. You could select which you wanted to control in the menus. Then, when focus limiting is active, rotating the focus ring would alter the limit, ideally displaying the value in the viewfinder.

This would be so useful in many wildlife situations. As an example of controlling the maximum limit distance when I get to a new location I would scan the background with the camera whilst half pressing the shutter in C-AF and then rotate the AF ring until the maximum focus limit is in front of the background. The background would go blurred. Then I am ready to go!

2nd September 2017, 01:25 PM
This is a very good suggestion. Near & Far focus limits are essential in movie world as focus is used to switch between actors as they talk or are the "Focus of Attention".


4th September 2017, 04:06 PM
Its a feature I've long wanted on my E-M5.1 to stop excessive focus hunting. Sounds like your improvement would make it even better.