View Full Version : Laowa 7.5mm Reversed on m4/3: Arcyria sp

Harold Gough
31st July 2017, 02:52 PM
With a FOV 4mm wide and a working distance of ca 12mm, this is far from easy to use for macro. It is far from versatile, as that is its widest FOV, Getting lighting on the subject is problematic, as hand and/or camera or lens tend to block the light from flash guns.

Anyway, these images of the spore sacs of a slime mould were shot at f16, processing including removal of diffraction blur. Triple TTL flash was used. In different circumstances it may be possible to provide lighting which is more pleasing.

I would like to have had the expanded stage in a shallower grouping but it was not available.

Even at f16 (f32 with crop factor), the DOF is not as I would like.

The stereo is crosseye.

Such application of the lens could be useful in some circumstances.