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Gate Keeper
11th July 2017, 02:35 PM

' The Water Hole'

A visit last year to a private conservancy of 10,000 acres within Tsavo East National Game Reserve, Kenya. The first 3 minutes are boring, unless you are really into trucks, my apologies. I hope to get better at this :)

All the best

11th July 2017, 04:30 PM
Phil, great stuff............

The roads remind of Iran in the late 70's, every out for themselves.

The water hole is amazing. You see it every day, so ordinary for you probably.

On a technical point, an observation is panning is always tricky. Unless its done very slowly.

But I enjoyed the scenes, what a privilege to be able to see that.........

I was born in Tanganyka as it was then, so really good to see Africa if only in video/pictures

And thanks for showing..........*chr

Mark j

Gate Keeper
11th July 2017, 05:45 PM
Thank you Mark :) Driving is defensive but it is enjoyable on the whole. I can see your connection with Africa. I have dual residency ;) Thank you for saying about the panning. I hope to make improvements :)

We stayed at the lodge in the film as a treat, but our preference is making our own camp at a secret location we have used for many years in the Massai Mara, not far from a defunct border crossing between Kenya and Tanzania. It's by the River Sand.

We take baked beans and anti-malaria tablets, anti-bat eye ointment to the guards and in return, they use pangas to clear the bush for our tents, guard them from predators, whilst we go on a game drive and keep an eye, if a Lion comes at night....you know how that one goes. The rangers/guards get posted for 3 month stays and love the baked beans for the wind!

We never tire of the bush or its beauty.