View Full Version : Reviewing photos in camera (JPG + RAW)

5th June 2017, 02:27 PM

I shoot in RAW, have not saved JPG for quite some time.

To save time when reviewing photos in computer I recently changed to shooting RAW + SN JPG (Standard, Normal compression), the idea being not having to import/export all files as it takes quite a while with the higher resolution in the Mark 2. While reviewing in the computer I delete the non-wanted JPGs and when done I delete the RAWs that have no associated JPG. Then I import and process further.

What I noticed is that when reviewing and zooming into a photo in the camera it seemed to me that the camera displays the JPG and not the RAW. To come to conclusion I tested by taking two shots of same subject, then took out the memory card, deleted one of the JPGs in the computer and put back the memory card. When reviewing in camera the level of detail that could be displayed was like night and day when comparing the photos.

Is this a bug, or is it by design?

Jim Ford
5th June 2017, 03:09 PM
Raw is not an image format - it's just raw data (the reason why it's not an acronym and shouldn't be capitalised).

Raw data just relates to greyscale tones and contains no colour information whatsoever.

When you take a photo' using raw format the camera firmware produces a JPEG (acronym - hence capitalised!) so it can be viewed in the camera.

I guess that when you took a raw+standard JPEG image, you viewed the JPEG. When you deleted the JPEG and viewed the image, the camera firmware processed the data to produce a viewable JPEG image, but this image was of a higher resolution than the deleted standard one. As I stated earlier - this is just a guess!