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Bikie John
25th May 2017, 10:59 AM
Prompted by Walti's thread at http://e-group.uk.net/forum/showthread.php?t=45097 about using the rear screen to select the AF focus point on the E-M1 Mk II ("AF Targeting Pad" on page 112 of the manual), I have been playing with the viewfinder options to try and bully it into behaving how I want. I can't quite get there so I wonder if I have missed something.

I often work in dark places and want to be able to run the camera without having any displays on the rear screen at all. It is very distracting for the audience in a dark concert hall to have a fat idiot of a photographer glowing away gently. I can't do much about the fat or the idiocy but I feel I ought to make the camera behave as best it can.

With the Mark II I can achieve this quite simply by turning the rear screen to face the body, this is how I have been using it and it works well. All displays are then available through the viewfinder - image composition, image review, Super Control Panel and main menu. But of course in this mode the rear screen is not available to set the focus point, which I think would be a useful feature.

With the screen facing outwards, I can't find a way to stop it displaying things.

With eye detect on ("EVF Auto Switch", menu section I), it behaves quite nicely with the camera up to the eye - composition, review and SCP all come up in the viewfinder. The main menu displays on the back but I can live with that. With the the camera not up to the eye, the live view switch (to the left of the viewfinder) toggles between the SCP and Live View - the screen never goes blank. This would inevitably be a distraction to the audience.

With eye detect off, the rear screen is blank for image composition, and the SCP comes up in the viewfinder, but image review is always on the back screen. This is a nuisance in a dark concert hall.

The E-M1 Mk I is a bit better behaved than this - with eye detect on and Live View off, the back screen is blank (almost - it has a slightly irritating blue background glow), and image review and the SCP come up in the viewfinder with the camera up to the eye. I would be happy to be able to set it like this.

Is there some combination of options that I have missed?


Bikie John
28th May 2017, 01:51 PM
No suggestions?

I have emailed pretty much the same question to Oly support so we'll see what they say.

I think it could be made to behave as I would like fairly simply with a firmware change. What would you think of either or both of these suggestions:

1. With eye detect on, when the camera is not up to the eye have the live view button cycle the back display through live view, Super Control Panel and blank (i.e. just add blank to what it does at the moment)

2. With eye detect off, display all four choices - live view, image review, Super Control Panel and Menu - in the same place, and toggle that between viewfinder and back panel with the live view button. This is very similar to what it does at the moment except that the menu and image review always come up on the back.

I would be happy with either of these (or both) and I don't think they are very disruptive of existing behaviour.


29th May 2017, 09:24 AM
Both options sound good to me.

Bikie John
3rd June 2017, 09:15 AM
Belated thanks for your comment Dave.

I still haven't heard back from Oly support. Our LCE has an Oly photo walk next weekend so I might try and buttonhole the guy leading it - Jez Sugars - and explain it to him and ask if he can push a request through.