View Full Version : New to me problem re lens /body communication

15th April 2017, 10:02 PM
I was getting ready for a trip away today when I discovered that the Mii and 12-40 lens were not working together for focussing. Manual focus was OK using the clutch ring on the lens.

Went along to one my local LCEs and they tried on a couple of their lenses onto my camera and experienced the same problem. Tried my lens on one of their cameras and the lens focussed correctly.

After much discussion and searching on web site the problem was solved by the camera being reset.

This is the second time the camera has had to be reset to fix a problem.

So thanks to the staff at LCE Winchester I can go away with all my toys. Plus a new lens as well.

16th April 2017, 07:31 AM
Perhaps you had set the Cogs A1 menu, AEL/AFL setting? Read page 121 of the manual. You can make the camera work as you describe, it depends on the mode you choose. For example you could have set it to focus only on pressing the AEL button. Resetting the camera would have returned it to normal operation.

16th April 2017, 09:32 AM
Thanks - I have set the camera for Back Button Focussing but that was a while a go. The problem occurred on switch on after working OK on the previous day. The focus was hunting in a small range when in automatic mode. However I will keep a watch on this area of settings.

The element of surprise was the problem suddenly appeared after a good days picture taking.