View Full Version : Wrotniak is back!

25th February 2017, 02:52 PM
After a long absence Wrotniak is back with updates to his excellent site, including a cheat sheet for the E-M1 Mk2. Hopefully it should be of use to owners of the camera.



25th February 2017, 07:46 PM
Fantastic - many thanks for the update.

George Dorn
25th February 2017, 08:48 PM
Thanks for the heads up.

Not wishing to derail this thread, but what happened to Pekka Potka?

Phill D
26th February 2017, 07:51 AM
Don't know who he is Colin but there is still someone with that name posting on Facebook.

26th February 2017, 11:18 AM
AS well as Wrotniak another good source of Olympus help information is Biofos so Google Olympus and Biofos as well as Olympus and Wrotniak and enter a great wealth of Olympus information.

Often reading about previous camera models helps to one to understand the new models.

26th February 2017, 07:38 PM
A very welcome return.