View Full Version : Pro Service Price Increase

22nd February 2017, 10:26 PM
When this new service was launched with the EM1 Mk2 it was priced at:

1 year 99.90
2 years 159.90
3 years 209.90

1 year 159.90
2 years 239.90
3 years 289.90

Then there was also a 10% off voucher which said "with a complimentary advantage for early adopters" and "valid until 30/04/2017".

I've been debating what level to go for and believed I had until the end of April to decide as per the voucher.

Today I went to buy it at: https://www.olympus.co.uk/site/en/c/cameras_support/premium_services/pro_service/index.html
and found that the 3 year prices had gone up to 249 and 349!
That's an increase of 20% in the two months since launch !!

I called their Pro Service support number and the guy there didn't know about it until he looked at the web page and he was as shocked as I was.

Is it a mistake? If not, it makes a nonsense of the wording on the 10% off voucher. It means it is only 10% extra for early adopters!

Below is a screen capture of the original prices:

http://www.bengeo.com/images/olympus PRO service.jpg