View Full Version : New Year, New Body

16th January 2017, 10:21 PM
Haven't posted on here for a while, into my second year studying photography, Really enjoyed using the Olympus gear for my work both paid, leisure and studies. (Em-1, 11-22, 14-54)

So during last term i embarked on a narrative documentary project at university which i based on bell ringing, I borrowed a camera from university that would shoot 1080 60 fps, This camera was a Nikon D810. Blown away by the quality of the video and the flexibility of the camera.

I had been keen to get the New EM-1 mk2 for its 4k video and improvements but have decided that this is the time to jump ship. For less than the price of the EM-1 body i got the D750 with a 24-120 F4 lens.

I'm not saying that the olympus isn't worth it, but for my work (night time, studio, video and Landscape) I felt the Full frame was a better choice.

I will keep the EPL-5 and my 45mm prime and 14-42 which i adore, and i still have an Om Film camera which i enjoy using. I wont part completely from olympus :)

I have really valued the feedback i have received on here, and i've bought some nice gear off the forum which has got me to where i am now.

So Thank you all :D