View Full Version : E-M1Mark II Anti-Shock settings

6th January 2017, 06:18 PM
There seems to be an anomaly between actual Camera Menu and Instruction Manual Menu options, in respect of Anti-Shock settings.
The number of actual options in the Camera Menu are greater than those shown on P.46 of the Manual, including a 'Single' shot option for Anti-Shock (but with no time specified) and one for 'Silent'.
P.165 shows 'Single' shot as the default, as compared to E-M1 Mark I (v4.0), where the default was 'Single' Anti-Shock 0 sec.
Just to add confusion, Anti-Shock 0 sec then appears as the default in Shooting Menu Tab 2 under 'Anti-Shock'.
So is it probably best to select Anti-Shock under both Tab 1 and Tab 2?
Or is it just me that's got the 'wrong end of the stick?'

6th January 2017, 07:56 PM
Shooting menu 2 selects the amount of delay for the anti-shock, this applies only when the anti-shock is being used. You should normally set this to zero.

I don't know about the "single" setting.