View Full Version : ISO-Auto Set - Lowest S/S Setting

28th December 2016, 05:55 PM
With ISO= Auto when the Lowest S/S setting (Menu Cog E1) is left on it's default = Auto,
in Aperture mode the ISO value is increased as soon as the calculated shutter speed falls below 1/Focal Length.

Whilst this may be appropriate if the camera is operating with Image Stabilisation = Off, this behaviour results in unnecessarily high ISO use whenever IS is active.

Given how importantly Olympus rate the IS performance it would seem more sensible if the f/w discerned whether IS is active (or not) and accordingly changed the shutter speed value at which ISO increases.

You can of course specify a specific minimum shutter speed below which ISO will rise, but a single fixed value isn't so useful when a high range zoom lens (e.g. the 12-100 Pro) is being used.