View Full Version : Father Christmas got it wrong - but not too wrong.

26th December 2016, 11:37 PM
The presents piled up - one with my name on is a nicely wrapped box. Has someone read my letters to Santa Claus and bought the Pen-F for me? Peer through the wrapping paper - I'm sure that says Olympus. Box looks a little small for a Pen-F though.

Thought the box looked a little small - an APS-system, i-10, original box, all papers and instructions, looks as if its never had a film through it. Still got the 3.50 price tag from the local Charity Shop on, too. Better luck with the Pen-F next year? I'll enjoy the i-10 - not one I've previously got in my Olympus collection so far, so it's still good news!

Phill D
27th December 2016, 08:48 AM
Not seen one of them before, it's pretty cool.