View Full Version : ED - Have you done it

Grumpy Hec
17th December 2016, 09:14 AM

Has resistance proved useless *???


Wee man
17th December 2016, 12:05 PM
Sorting funds so have caved in looking forward to seeing some Mk2 shots the only one so far is giving me a 404 error.

I take it you have lost some of your grumpiness.
Was disappointed with your comment regarding high water, thought you would have dawned your Speedos and swam across you would have no problems on your return as the Mk2 is water resistant. You could have left the box under a bush to pick up at low water.
Looking forwards to hearing your thoughts on the new body and seeing some shots.

Wee Man

Grumpy Hec
17th December 2016, 05:41 PM
The sight of me in Speedos would have not only scared the fish but all those Brent Geese who travelled thousands of miles from Siberia to winter here would have taken one look and instantly returned in spite of the sub zero temperatures.

The RSPB would have probably have tried to convict me of cruelty to all the local birdlife.