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Ross the fiddler
4th December 2016, 06:31 AM
While casually taking a shot across our yard at the Angophora trees with the bark peeling, I was frustrated at the difficulty in getting the camera to focus on the branch. I was using the small focus area but obviously it still wasn't small enough to exclude the background, but using S-AF+MF with Magnified view was the best way to achieve the result I needed.

E-M1 + MC14 + 40-150 Pro lens using single small AF target.
http://fourthirds-user.com/galleries/data/500/MC043752-s.jpg (http://fourthirds-user.com/galleries/showphoto.php/photo/30717)

A crop of 1000 pixels across of the above.
http://fourthirds-user.com/galleries/data/500/MC043752-scr.jpg (http://fourthirds-user.com/galleries/showphoto.php/photo/30718)

Using S-AF+MF to achieve focus on intended target, the branch.
http://fourthirds-user.com/galleries/data/500/MC043756-s.jpg (http://fourthirds-user.com/galleries/showphoto.php/photo/30719)

And the crop of 1000 pixels across of the above.
http://fourthirds-user.com/galleries/data/500/MC043756-scr.jpg (http://fourthirds-user.com/galleries/showphoto.php/photo/30720)

The cloud cover did part for the second attempt, but still needed the MF over-ride though.

I tried my 50-200 SWD lens (with sticky aperture blades) & it did get reasonably good AF (although MF with magnification improved it) with PD-AF, but the lens isn't as sharp as the new 40-150Pro+MC14 though, but that might also be my 50-200 lens being a 'soft' copy perhaps. The exercise here for me is if the E-M1 Mk II no longer has the same CD-AF limitations then it would have to be on my wish list for the future.

Thanks for indulging me for looking & reading.


4th December 2016, 06:09 PM
Could be barking up the wrong tree :D

Ross the fiddler
5th December 2016, 12:00 PM
Could be barking up the wrong tree :D

Or just 'barking' mad! :p Anyhow, I think it might be better when I try for birds amongst my trees that it might be worthwhile using S-AF+MF with magnified view to get the sharpness where I want it, but then again, only take photos of birds that are closer so it fills the AF area. :rolleyes:

5th December 2016, 06:37 PM
Well at least you have colourful birdies to shoot :::::: ERROR Can't use words such as colourful / birds / shoot /:eek: