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Wee man
24th November 2016, 10:45 PM
I will start by saying Hec was right resistance is futile!

Was at the Mk2 day in Conn's in Dublin this afternoon, very impressive piece of kit.

Chris was great his system is very good he shows you the tricks he can do with the camera and the fancy features which he thinks all photographers want to see. Once he finds out the level of interest the customer has and the main areas they are working in he lets them work with the kit with guidance; so good hands on for those familiar with Olympus systems.

I took the following
Panasonic. 7 - 14
Olympus 50 - 200
Sigma. 50 - 500. And mmf3
Olympus 60 mm
Olympus 12 - 40 mm
Olympus 40 - 150 mm Pro

Also got to try the new
12 - 100mm
Panasonic. 100 - 400 mm

Was given a demo of the body with 12 - 100mm

Then given free run with the body and my lenses. Chris actually asked to try out the Bigma himself and took it into the street he then took hand held shots of Christmas street decoration about 50-60 yds away he downloaded to his laptop zoomed in and had reasonably sharp spiders webs! Good enough for me!

Fitted 50 - 200 went into street found speed ( no hunting) of focus as good if not better than it was on the E5! Took a macro shot from five feet away of a tripod head, a very sharp shot showing screw threads and dust filling the shot.

Fitted Panasonic 7 - 14 used inside and out good sharp shots no sign of purple fringes?

No real difference noticed when using pro lenses.

25 and 12 - 100 both super lenses if expensive the new in word for Olympus kit.

I mentioned the new Panasonic 100 - 400 and one of the staff from Conns opened a new lens handed it to me and said go and play. I did!
Found lens lock ( to stop creep) awkward to use as did tje the staff member I asked for advice.
Took the lens into the street a super lens with quick focus. ( On wish list would replace Bigma )

Was shown the 60 fps impressed.
Shown the fourteen preshots in action again impressed.
There were some shots taken of a flock of pigeons in flight on zooming in sharp individuals were in frame.

I usually work with an added battery grip fitted but found new in body grip design very comfortable with all these lenses and NO grip. Body very comfortable in use.
At grip price and still having to remove it to utilise using two batteries, I can survive without one.

Never asked if a small flash comes with the body, still felt one should have been built in if only for use as a trigger for off camera flash.
Existing unit a nuisance to carry.

Liked the new layout but found the switch which has been reversed awkward in use, feel the raised area in wrong position ergonomically for easy use. Existing one easy to use with camera to eye had to lower body from eye to operate it, maybe just me?

Bigger battery looks good and the claim is for more shots but a spare does cost a lot; I think with the operations built in I would be loath to use other makes. Having said that I have not had a problem with my existing OMB's.

Dials easy to use, the new items on SCP should not take much getting used too.

Sorry I like the fold out screen (pdk) especially the little notch for easy access.
Also extra safety by folding it glass in to the body.

Movement of right strap hanger works with no interference.

Tripod screw position move should help with panoramas. Cannot see any drawbacks.

Did not notice a weight change but no extra grip fitted, in fact none on show.

Suggestions that small numbers will be made after the pre order stage and advice to make the move quickly advised; Chris is of course employed to get the order book filled.

I had a good personal hands on and there were things I just did not try out but did try to use it as I use my existing kit and found most things better.
Did not really get round to making many menu setting changes so cannot comment.

I think I have seen enough to take the plunge and make positive moves to get the funds in place, this model could be my last camera body buy so I will give it a few more days to sort out what my existing 4/3 kit will raise and the mk1 body and extras, batteries etc.
Them the final decision will be made.

If you are looking for 4/3 lenses Olympus, Sigma, bodies E30 & E5 get in touch by pm.
I will make a full unpriced list whilst awaiting prices from dealers on the next week I am away from home to Sunday.


Wee Man

24th November 2016, 10:56 PM
Nice to hear that there are no people blobs with the Panasonic 7-14.

25th November 2016, 07:20 AM
Nice to hear that there are no people blobs with the Panasonic 7-14.

People blobs?! :)


Wee man
25th November 2016, 10:22 AM
Is that what happens to people who do not like flip out screens?

Wee Man

Ross the fiddler
25th November 2016, 10:25 AM
People blobs?! :)


I guess that would be purple blobs with eyes! ;) :D

Grumpy Hec
25th November 2016, 10:26 AM
Tee Hee

Told you so :D

On a more serious note an interesting set of comments which I fully identify with after my trial a week or two back.

Agree about the switch seeming odd being the other way round. That may take some adjusting to as I do use that a lot with the camera held to my eye. I'm working on the premise that it's just a question of getting used to a new piece of ergonomics.

The batteries are expensive but I have ordered two spares, I'm off back to Tanzania next September so don't want to risk running out during a long day in the bush, and decided, like you apparently, not to go down the cheaper route. None of the cheap alternatives I have for the MKI last as long as the Oly item although they are not too bad it has to be said.

Also agree about the grip. The 40-150 felt great without and at the price I decided that I can manage fine without especially considering that at the moment I use that lens on the MKI without the grip most of the time anyway.

Interesting comment about the numbers being made. Rather reinforces my decision to take the plunge. Like you I anticipate perhaps not being able to buy another new body for the foreseeable future so this is it along with my safari in September probably being the last one of those.

So glad to see that the words of the Vogon guard as he hurled Ford and Arthur out of the airlock held true for you. *yes


25th November 2016, 06:34 PM
Thank you for the review Ed.

25th November 2016, 07:15 PM
Never asked if a small flash comes with the body, still felt one should have been built in if only for use as a trigger for off camera flash.
Existing unit a nuisance to carry.


Wee Man

A new model of small flash is included - it is the FL-LM3 and is slightly larger and more powerful (GN=9) than the unit supplied with the original E-M1.
You can see a picture of it on page 3 of the dpreview.com article. See:

25th November 2016, 08:08 PM
Glad to hear you thought the 50-200 quick to focus i too thought it was poss faster than on my E-3 :)