View Full Version : Investigatory Powers Bill

22nd November 2016, 06:19 PM
Well, as a nation we've just sleep-walked in to a massive infringement of our personal, commercial and national security, plus given the State huge powers, without most of the country having a clue what's going on. In fact, several right-leaning friends of mine have said "What's the problem? I've got nothing to hide".

Ho hum. Surprising, really, since these are exactly the sort of people who complain about the threats to personal liberty posed by identity cards and refuse to sign up to FaceBook

These articles are a fair start:


We might as well forget about Google, Apple, Microsoft etc collecting the odd bit of commercial data about us: the darling budding Ms May has had her control-freakery amply rewarded, and barely a ripple of public protest has reached the surface.

For a start, now access by the State has been allowed, access by hackers and as a result of whistle-blowers will get a lot easier too. That's just how it works. One can be sure that the resulting breaches of our data security will get blamed on hackers and anarchists, but it's actually going to be Theresa wot done it.