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10th August 2016, 03:48 PM
Hi all, I purchased new external flash (metz 44-1digital) which official web of METZ recommends for e-pl5. I successfully upgraded this flash to olympus/panasonic firmware. But! Isn't working.

I mean isn't work on the rail of camera. At RC mode works FULLY, inclusive ttl. On the rail is even NOT working in basic-manual mode of flash.

My e-pl5 camera detect this Metz when connected in rail: on main display flash is detected in top-right corner - battery OK. And in "firmware" page in my camera flash is detected as a flash with 3.0 firmware.
(body firmware is last: 1.5)

I tried to contact our local OLYMPUS, but it's wasting of time...

10th August 2016, 05:47 PM
Hi does the flash turn on and let you access all the menu options in your hand? If so try this : turn rc mode off from menu 2 on camera, select P Mode on camera, select TTL Mode on flash select auto flash on the back of the cameras control panel.Select Auto ISO. Make sure the hotshoe rails of your camera are clean and the pins that the flash mounts onto are also clean, tighten flash down securely with the dial on the foot of the flash. Now turn on camera followed by flash, hopefully it will work.

11th August 2016, 12:45 PM
Thank you, Zedex10r, for your answer.

Yes Metz flash works in my hand. All tests done, still negativ.

I can even watch charging process of the flash capacitors on display of my camera! Flash connected says indicator in top-right corner. When shoot in P mode the power of flash is calculated into exposition - that effects the final picture is dark. (otherwise with no flash exposition is calculated to long time - picture is OK although teared)

I see only possibility to try this flash on another e-pl5. In Olympus store they are not friendly to connect used flash to new cameras - they strait-away say buy a original Olympus accessory. Actually all Olympus says: no third party flash is compactible to e-pl5

11th August 2016, 12:56 PM
Ive choose this camera because of standard flash hotshoe! If Olympus really blocks third-party flashes, than THANK YOU OLYMPUS VERY MUCH! :)

11th August 2016, 01:50 PM
I dont think they do block other flash guns as there are plenty of manual only flashes that work fine such as the Yongnuo 560 mk3. I also own the Metz 52 af 1, I have just updated firmware of that to v3.1 and that works fine on my EPL7. Does the little clip on flash work ok on your EPL5?

11th August 2016, 06:59 PM
I can shoot the flash in hand, but when I try the same button when connected on the camera is not workin.