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6th August 2016, 11:57 AM
A family member has an E-PL1 and asked me for advice on viewfinders. I have read the VF2 versus VF3 arguments but I now see there is a VF4. So can anyone please advise me if the VF4 is compatible with this camera and pros and cons over the VF2? Which are the pixel dimensions of the VF4?



George Dorn
6th August 2016, 06:08 PM
To make the most of the VF-4 you need a body with the accexssory port 2, the E-PL1 has the original type. I have just tried the VF-4 on my old E-PL1 and it works fine. If memory serves, the image is similar in resolution to the VF-2 but quite a bit bigger. The eye sensor doesn't work either. It does latch in to the shoe with a locking mechanism, unlike the first version.

http://cs.olympus-imaging.jp/en/support/imsg/digicamera/compati/pen_optical.cfm says you need the latest firmware (mine is on 1.3)

I had quite forgotten how fond I am of the E-PL1 and shall take it for a spin tomorrow!

6th August 2016, 07:08 PM
George - you beat me to it; I was trying to find that table.

Ulfric M Douglas
6th August 2016, 07:18 PM
For general use the VF-2 is excellent on the e-pL1, and good for some eyes for manual focus.
I assumed the VF-4 only worked on an e-pL1 body after a firmware update, but George here says it works fine.
The VF-4 has a larger, more detailed, and more colourful image and is better for most people for manual focus.
The VF-3 is poor but useable for framing.

I own all three.

George Dorn
6th August 2016, 08:42 PM
I think my E-PL1 is on the latest firmware.

It is a while since I used a VF-2 to compare but I'm fairly sure that the VF-4 is working below its maximum resolution on the E-PL1.

6th August 2016, 08:59 PM
Thanks for all the replies guys, answered my questions.