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29th December 2008, 05:05 PM
I feel like a bit of an impostor announcing myself on this site as I have already done so on the FTU site, but here goes again (and for those checking back, consistency is vastly overrated).

Olympus introduced me to digital cameras with the C5060WZ, which I was very happy with. When I was in the market for getting more seriously into photography I was predisposed towards Olympus and ended up by buying an E-400 kit in early 2007, only to find that the E-410 and 510 came out about six months later!. It has done me very well, although I have had to get the sensor replaced under warranty (a one pixel red strip from top to bottom became evident in poor light conditions - anyone else had that?).

The camera has wetted my interest and as the domestic chancellor wants to be convinced that it is the camera holding my photography back rather than any inherent lack of ability, I have invested in glass: Olympus 11-22 for wide angle (before the days of the 12 - 60), Pan/Leica 14 - 50 mm (really for the IS as the E-4xx doesn't have any), and recently an Oly 70 - 300 mm.

I am a Mac user, and although I have used Lightroom, when Aperture moved to v 2.0 and could actually be run on the Macs I have I moved over to it, although I keep tabs on Lightroom as well. I have tried Photomatix for HDR, but am in two minds about the results.

My job gets me out and around both the UK and other parts of the world and I try to take a camera with me - the E-400 has proved good for that.

So, that's me - always looking to improve. I look forward to receiving lots of advice from you all.


29th December 2008, 05:10 PM
Hi, and welcome....

As you've probably seen, you're far from being the only Scot around this place!

If you've any questions regarding Olympus, this is certainly the place to get answers without suffering the stupid comments regarding your choice of kit that you might get some other places...

29th December 2008, 06:55 PM
Welcome ! I'm not a Scot but a Lancastrian, although I'm privileged to be living in this fair land.
As DekHog rightly says, this must be one of the friendliest, helpful photographic forums around, and we hope to hear more from you soon.

29th December 2008, 10:16 PM
Hi Maczero -

I agree - helpful and friendly lot are we.


Regards. Barr1e

29th December 2008, 10:37 PM
Hi and Welcome (from a fellow Scot (weegie) :))

This is definately the best Olympus forum with friendly and helpful advice, as well as constructive critiscism and non-bitchy honest replys to posts.
I'm sure you'll enjoy using and posting on this forum, the people on here are inspirational and a pleasure to communicate with.


30th December 2008, 12:13 AM
Hi and welcome from me great friendly place here hope you like it :)