View Full Version : Aldi No Quibble

Harold Gough
22nd February 2016, 11:53 AM
It's good to have a moan about bad service but, in the interests of balance:

Something like three weeks ago, my wife did a top-up shop at Aldi. Among her purchases were three packs of salmon fillets. Apparently, there was a trainee on the till.

On returning home, the till receipt showed two packs of salmon, followed by one cancelled, followed by three more. The total paid for was for one pack more than was in the basket.

My wife won't deal with such matters so I got onto the Aldi website where we can report our purchasing experience.

I don't know how soon it was after that, but we received a phone call. It was the Area Manager who said we were to speak to the Store Manager, quoting the Area Manager's name, and saying that we were to receive two of the overcharged item.

My wife wouldn't follow this up so I called in at the store this morning. I explained the scenario to the Store Manager, who escorted me to the salmon display and invited me to pick two of a suitable product. (it seems that the product code meant nothing to him).

I offered my name but he said he didn't need it and I was not asked to show the original receipt.

"No quibble" is my term but I think it fits very well.