View Full Version : Do I need a 3rd Camera body?

21st January 2016, 12:51 PM
I have another Safari coming up next month. I have two bodies (EM-1 & Nikon D7100) and a P&S (TG-2) that I usually take. I set the EM-1 up with my 50-200mm and the Nikon with a 30mm F4 + TC 1-4 or extend the ME-1 out with a EC-14 and use a 70-200 F4 on the Nikon. The P&S then acts as a landscape camera. The 9-18mm, 17mm F1.8 & 14-42mm lenses I also take hardly come out of the bag.

As I'm going to the Mara this year I'd like to take better quality landscape pictures but don't want to spend my time changing lenses. So I'm toying with getting another body. Funds are limited

What's the best m4/3 body I could get for < 100.

21st January 2016, 02:02 PM
The EPL-5 is very good.

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Olympus-E-PL5-body-only-just-4000-shots-/281914817936?hash=item41a36ebd90:g:qcgAAOSw5dNWlqo b

Wee man
21st January 2016, 02:59 PM
Why not buy for your time away and sell on your return?

Harold Gough
22nd January 2016, 08:43 AM
Another body can mean different batteries/charger and more bulk.


22nd January 2016, 09:03 AM
If you want to stay with Olympus, have you thought about a second-hand Stylus 1? Compact, fairly fast lens and with a decent zoom. If you're lucky, batteries, cables etc might all be interchangeable?

Apologies, just found the caveat... 100.

Ralph Harwood
22nd January 2016, 06:39 PM
Hi there Iamfisheye!

I have recently bought for 100 an Olympus XZ-2, which gives surprisingly good images (with RAW files as well). It isn't mega wide at the wide end (28mm lens on 35mm equivalent) but has a lovely fast f1.8 - 2.5 lens and certainly in the bright light of Africa should give lovely low noise images. Another advantage is the lens is fixed, so no chance of getting dust in it.

If you really want a m4/3 body I find the E-PL3 a great little camera, but as has been previously mentioned it doens't take the same batteries as the E-M1, so that would be a third charger you would need to take.

One other issue you might find with both of the above cameras is the lack of a viewfinder - I find it hard sometimes in English sunlight (if that's not an oxymoron) to see the screen clearly. Both these cameras will take an EVF on the hot-shoe - I have the VF-2 and it works well with each of them, but that would certainly take you over the 100 limit.



Harold Gough
22nd January 2016, 09:01 PM
I assume that the 30mm is a typo for 300mm.

When it comes to landscapes, vast landscapes, by their nature may not change very much until you travel considerable distances. Might you be over-estimating the frequency of lens changes?


23rd January 2016, 07:00 PM
I took three bodies - EM1, EM5 and EP5 - on my 2015 safari and was glad I had done so when one became unreliable. All used the same battery which was a great help. I shall be taking three on my next one.

My dilemma is not the cost of the third body but whether I can justify the cost of the 300/4 as well as the cost of the safari! Do I buy the lens and then book the safari to justify the purchase? Or do I book the safari and then kid myself I need the new lens?

23rd January 2016, 07:23 PM
or order the lens from B&H for delivery to the Safari location - so you have to go on Safari to collect the lens.