View Full Version : Scam warning

13th January 2016, 06:48 PM
There's a fairly authentic looking email with a supposed Word attachment doing the rounds at the moment. It purports to come from Yesss Electricals. Apart from the fact I've never had any dealings with them it raised suspicions because it's not sent to the email address I use for on line shopping. It's thought to contain banking malware.

Naughty Nigel
13th January 2016, 09:03 PM
These have been doing the rounds for a while, and usually prompt Kaspersky to pop up with red warning messages.

The files themselves are usually blank if you open them but contain macros and other malware.

As a rule I never, ever trust any Word file sent by email unless I know exactly where it comes from.

Professional organisations should never, ever send invoices as Word documents as they are too easily edited, so don't' trust any organisation that does! Adobe Acrobat is the preferred format for all sorts of reasons.