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10th December 2015, 10:38 AM

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Olympus announce McGillicuddy Training Academies

Shoot and learn at the McGillicuddy Training Academies in association with Olympus

Southend, 9th December 2015 – Olympus reveals the launch of the McGillicuddy Training Academies. Olympus Ambassador and Principal Educator Damian McGillicuddy will open four Academies around the UK.

The McGillicuddy Training Academies are situated in Gateshead in the North East, Royston in the East, Birmingham in the Midlands and Chester, the flagship Training Academy which is Damian McGillicuddy’s own studio, in the North West. The training courses will be co-curated by the Academy Principals, Guann-Yeu Chin and Alan Clarke, delivering the same standard of education at each Academy. McGillicuddy – Grand Master, five-time Master Photographer and seven-time Photographer of the Year – has mentored the Principals over many years to ensure that they have a direct and detailed understanding of his methods and philosophy.

The Academy courses have been created around a practical, hands-on experience, designed for all skill levels and held in a working studio. The courses and workshops cover a range of genres from still life to beauty, traditional portraiture to studio lighting.

The Academies will share classic, contemporary and cutting-edge photographic techniques at pocket-friendly prices and with the help and support of Olympus, photographers can experience commercial-scale shooting for a fraction of the cost. One of the important aims of the McGillicuddy Academies is to make sure that everything learnt during their workshops can be repeated as soon as photographers get back to their home or studio.

McGillicuddy said, “Training and education are the backbone of great photography. Without training there is no progress and without education there is no knowledge”. Enjoyment while learning is key to the Academies’ educational style. McGillicuddy went on to say, “I honestly believe that if you’re having a good time, if you’re enjoying yourself and having fun taking pictures, you will learn so much more”. McGillicuddy and all the other Principals are proud Olympus users. “We are passionate photographers and we love what we do”.

However it is important to stress that the Training Academies are not just for Olympus users, they welcome all photographers, shooting on any make of equipment. McGillicuddy points out that “Olympus are very progressive in the way they think, so the courses are ‘camera agnostic’”. Each Academy will carry a good range of Olympus cameras and lenses, giving non Olympus users the opportunity to test and try their range of cameras and lenses in a live studio.

To celebrate the launch of the McGillicuddy Training Academies, Olympus will run a special promotion on all new OM-D cameras - £100.00 off the 'Get to know your OM-D' workshop, now only £49.00. Promotional vouchers will be included in all OM-D camera boxes, with full terms and conditions.

Photographers should visit www.olympusimagespace. co.uk/mcgillicuddy-training-academy/ to book the course using their voucher code to take advantage of this special offer.

McGillicuddy hopes that the Academies will foster a sense of community and
photographic camaraderie, encouraging photographers to drop by, have a coffee, share their photographic experiences and enjoy the process of learning.

Launching with six new workshops, currently the Academies will run courses over half and full days. To find out more about the training available and for a full list of exciting courses and workshops please visit www.olympus-imagespace.co.uk/mcgillicuddytraining-
academy/ (http://www.olympus-imagespace.co.uk/mcgillicuddytraining- academy/)

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For Reader enquiries:

About Damian McGillicuddy

Damian’s hard work and dedication has resulted in him earning 7 international
Fellowships, holding the title of Master Photographer with the NPS and the Guild of Photographers, being the first photographer to be awarded a Double Masters with the Societies and being one of only 3 individuals to be honoured with the prestigious title of ‘Grand Master’. In 2013, his achievements led to Damian being instated as Olympus UK’s Principal Photographer and Educator – a position that he is extremely proud to hold.

With over 25 years in the industry Damian has gained a fantastic level of knowledge and experience. With the aid of his team Damian runs many photographic workshops and training days throughout the year, his teaching designed to help you achieve your photographic, business goals and aspirations. Over the past 7 years Damian’s training has resulted in photographers achieving many national and international awards, 15
Photographer of the Year titles, and has seen a great number of photographers gaining photographic qualifications – ranging from licentiate all of the way to fellowship.

• Twitter.com/McGillicuddy1
• Twitter.com/McGTraining_UK
• Instagram.com/damian_mcgillicuddy
• Facebook.com/DamianMcGillicuddyPhotographyTraining
• Facebook.com/McGillicuddyTrainingAcademies

About McGillicuddy Academy East

This will be led by Cambridge University alumnus Guann-Yeu Chin, at the McGillicuddy Academy East – one of the most spacious and best-appointed studios in the country, which caters for virtually any photographic need.

About McGillicuddy Academy Northeast

This will be led by principal Alan Clarke, a much in demand general practice
photographer. McGillicuddy Academy Northeast is the perfect place to learn a wide range of practical skills that will directly enhance your personal or professional photography.

About McGillicuddy Academy Chester

This will be led by Damian McGillicuddy – not only is Oakbase the flagship Olympus Training Academy, it is Damian’s own studio!

About McGillicuddy Academy Midlands

This will be led by Damian McGillicuddy

About the Academy Courses: To find out more about the training available and for a full list of courses and workshops please visit www.olympus-imagespace.co.uk/mcgillicuddy-training-academy/ (http://www.olympus-imagespace.co.uk/mcgillicuddy-training-academy/)

The Technician
10th December 2015, 12:15 PM
Nice the North East has not been left out for once :-)

Wee man
10th December 2015, 01:14 PM
Ah but us poor relations in Ireland and Scotland will have to soldier on with self teaching methods. Ed

10th December 2015, 02:56 PM
Thanks for this info had a really good read of the link and the courses are both appealing yet good value for money.

11th December 2015, 12:31 PM
I'm somewhat confused as surely these training academies have been running for quite a while now? Certainly I attended an event at the North East training academy run by Alan Clarke in Nov 2014 which sounds exactly the same as these.
Regards Chris