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22nd December 2007, 11:56 AM
I went out for the day yesterday for the first time with the HLD-4 grip on the E3,I did not have a grip on the E1 and was sure it would not be for me.Once the grip is on the camera I found I realy like the balance and the weight was not a problem.
My question is that I took about 250 images when the camera told me low power,after about 5 more images it told me battery empty!!!
Now I found that at the moment I am getting about 2oo images on the E3 before it tells me the power is low but I normally find I ca go on for about another 100/200 images without the grip.
I had two BLM-1 batteries in the grip and found if I removed the first battery the camera then told me I had a full charge!!!!!

Has anyone had the same???

I would assume that both batteries are attached to some kind of resistor network and the one that has the highest charge would supply the power and it would flick over to the other when that output drops and hence giving an even use of the batteries.
Also I notice the is a small contact/switch on the inside of the battery compartment door that does not seem to do anything.

I know its early days with the grip but has anyone else had the same issue or do I have a problem??

All the best and happy Christmas


22nd December 2007, 03:30 PM
Just got my grip today :D so havent had chance to test it yet. But that does sound weird. Does it still show empty/behave the same if you swap the batteries around?
I'm sure you'll get some updates soon on others experience.
All the best,

22nd December 2007, 03:50 PM
Hadn't noticed that except I found that the battery status in the top viewer and through the eyepiece gave different readings

24th December 2007, 01:00 PM
There have been threads on other forums about the system incorrectly reporting empty batteries when using the AA battery adapter in the grip, but I hadn't heard of this one. It sounds like a camera firmware issue with that grip, to me.