View Full Version : !%^($#@ scandisk ultra

8th November 2015, 12:01 AM
another has gone 'write protected' :mad: ;this time in between taking photos. Just like that; take a photo and as I go to take another it becomes write protected :confused:. I have better luck with the elcheapos from Kmart (1st time in the Oly..... had similar drama with the lumix fz200)

Usually I could not give two hoots about the photos on the card but I had just finished taking a few requested pics and now they are locked into the card.
The switch on the card has actually disappeared while I was moving it back/forward.
Now the card will not go into the computer card reader or camera

so as the lovely little Jokey Michelle said; "get stuffed" (scandisk :lol:

Michelle Payne rode the winner in this years Melbourne Cup and she had a crack at the racing Male Establishment with her "get stuffed" comment. And good on her; I hope she makes a million or two from her life's efforts. There may already be a TV mini series on the table *chr