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31st October 2015, 01:27 PM
A brief post as people seem to be curious about where I'm headed after my thread in the For Sale section (please take a look and marvel at the excellent well priced items on there....and fill in any and every gap in your collection!).

First thing is that I don't plan to leave Olympus completely - it's antiquated but I love the E-1, still use it reasonably frequently, and it will be my go-to camera in rough weather (with 14-54) until/unless it dies in a horribly uneconomic way. I hope Oly go from strength to strength; we need companies like them, Fuji and Pentax to keep innovating.

I'm really impressed by the m43 system too, but TBH quite often end up taking out my Fuji X30 when light weight is important - a nice bright lens and quite decent sensor means that it is good enough for lots of purposes and I've connected with it in a way I've failed to do in the past with numerous other compacts.

When time allows, though, I love taking my time and generally using primes, increasingly for street/portrait photography. Even better if they're proper lenses with aperture rings mounted on a camera with a shutter speed dial and ISO all clear to see without even turning it on (you can probably see where I'm heading). I wondered about the X system but don't entirely love the output of that sensor or the cost of the lenses. And that led me to the Nikon df, which is like an enlarged version of the FE I used to own, and will take Nikkor lenses from the 1950s onwards. I've some previous generation but great Nikkor primes on the way (24, 35, 85 - skipped 50 as that comes with the camera) plus a 24-85 VR lens for occasional weather-resistant convenience.

What sold me on this (the df being somewhat overpriced photographic Marmite)? Recent price reductions helped, interest free credit helped too, the handling and control layout really works for me (it's like the cameras I grew up with and feels like a camera rather than a computer that takes pictures) but most important, it's what I saw coming out of it even with the lowly 50/1.8 standard lens. The 16MP full frame sensor borrowed from the D4 provides files that are large enough for any of my purposes (and small enough not to grind my computer to a halt) and with astonishing (unsurpassed?) performance as you head up the ISO scale, and the control over depth of field coupled with beautiful transition to highlight areas is something that is very difficult to obtain with smaller sensors. The images just look different and I like them!

I suppose the final thing is that even though it's larger than the 35mm cameras it is seeking to emulate, the df is also (I think still) the smallest FF dSLR you can buy - with some primes on the front it remains reasonably compact and therefore an acceptable travel option. I suppose I could have looked at the Sony's but .... read my comment above about computers that take pictures ....

So, I still plan on dropping in here on occasion, keeping up what increasingly feels like a one man campaign to keep the E-1 remembered, and enjoying the excellent photography and friendliness of this forum.



31st October 2015, 03:14 PM
Hi Jon,

Fascinating rationale and it makes sense as the Nikon df appears to tick all the boxes for your requirements. I've just been reacquainting myself with the df on DP Review and it certainly looks a superb machine for anyone who wants a retro style DSLR that is as traditional as possible. I'm glad you plan to continue using this forum and look forward to hearing how you get on with the Nikon, as well as the E-1 which you are keeping. Thanks for sharing this with us. *chr

31st October 2015, 03:16 PM
So, I still plan on dropping in here on occasion, keeping up what increasingly feels like a one man campaign to keep the E-1 remembered, and enjoying the excellent photography and friendliness of this forum.



You're not alone in liking and remembering the E-1.

I know there are at least a couple of people on the forum who still have and use them.

I have a new unused one tucked away, I intend to spend some time using and experimenting with it in the future.

I hope you do continue to visit the forum, I'll be interested to hear of your experience with your new system.


31st October 2015, 04:53 PM
That's an interesting post Jon. For me, the EVF is now an essential part of taking photographs so I could never go back to a DSLR. I can see the appeal of manual aperture rings, but I prefer the convenience of having everything laid out in front of me in the viewfinder and being able to change things without removing the camera from my eye.

The E-M1 really works for me ergonomically and the only thing I sometimes wish for is more DR (and maybe better noise performance at ISOs of 1600 and up). However, it's not a show-stopper and I'm confident that Oly and Panasonic will move the IQ forward over time.

However, we're all different (cue the line from The Life of Brian - "yes, we are all individuals"!) and I fully understand why the DF would be a great camera. I like the idea of relatively low Mp big sensors since the DR and noise characteristics will be second to none. I keep wanting to play with the A7s which has an even lower Mp count than the DF (12MP FF).

Anyhow - my very best wishes to you on your Nikon journey - you'll certainly not be wanting for good glass at reasonable prices! In the final analysis we do this hobby/business to make good images and that's all that really matters.

31st October 2015, 10:49 PM
Let's face it, if Olympus produced a full frame digital camera with retro controls and an OM mount some of us would be rather excited!

31st October 2015, 11:54 PM
Indeed.... and I was rather hoping for a "digital MX" from Pentax but looks like their new FF is going to be very impressive but also a much chunkier and modern affair.