View Full Version : Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation to be Established

Ross the fiddler
7th October 2015, 06:57 AM
Since most of the camera models use Sony sensors I thought this would interest those interested in the business of where their sensor comes from, hence:
Sony Corporation has been implementing a series of measures to reinforce its Devices segment, a key growth driver for the Sony Group. As part of these measures, Sony will adopt a new operational structure for its Devices segment. ..................



Ross the fiddler
8th October 2015, 12:34 AM
DPReview has now taken up the story too.
Sony Corporation is to split the part of its business that makes imaging sensors away from the Devices segment that it currently comes under, to form its own company called Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation. Sony has said that the degree of autonomy that the new company will enjoy will allow it to react more quickly to changing market forces and will encourage the business to grow more quickly. The new company will control its own research and development programs, business plans and sales, whereas now they are dealt with by the parent company.