View Full Version : Budapest Hungary photo restrictions

13th September 2015, 10:13 AM
In a few weeks time we're going to spend 4 midweek days in Budapest, which conveniently coincides with Oktoberfest and their Cafe Arts Festival *chr

Does anyone have personal experience of how seriously the 2014 law is applied requiring permission be asked before taking photographs of identifiable people who are not either in crowds or 'public figures'?

My impression from a quick trawl across the web is 'not very', but it would be nice to know from someone who's been there and has tried it.

There clearly are still street photographers active there, and the penalty of being taken to court anyway seems effectively unenforceable against a non-Hungarian.

Obviously I'm not going to be photographing and police or soldiers or 'official' buildings (which I only do with permission anywhere in the world, never mind in mildly authoritarian European countries!).