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Jim Ford
1st December 2008, 08:26 PM
I don't know if you're familiar with them, but 'Exped Drybags' and 'Exped Crush Drybags' are excellent for protection of lenses, flashes, teleconverters etc..

The drybags are plain rolltop and the crush drybags have the same waterproof outers, with an inner of neoprene foam with a velcro closure. They're also cheap. I have several and the one I have to hand is a small crush type that will take a teleconverter, mobile 'phone, MP3 player etc. and costs 3.99.

Here's a link to a review with images:



1st December 2008, 08:39 PM
Yup - I've been using them (normal not crush) for a while and have yet to have one let me down. Their flexibility of fabric is much nicer than the ortleib equivlents & they're cheaper too :)